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Need Help - Building a new scan using SPY or $SPX as a filter

I got stuck in building a scan using SPY (or $SPX) as a filter.

1) The close the SPY is above EMA (50) + 2 ATR (20)
2) The close of the stock is the highest of the last 50 days. I guess MAX function shall do the purpose.
3)Average daily dollar volume over the last 20 days is > $50M. I willuse liquidy formula to prescribe the condition

Appreciate if anyone can provide me with guidance.

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    markdmarkd mod
    Answer ✓
    Scan conditions have to be true for all symbols in the scan universe (all symbols by default, or symbols that meet some criteria you have specified, e.g. [group is sp500], [group is IndustrialSector], [market cap > 10000], etc.]

    If you specify a symbol in the scan = e.g. [symbol is SPY] and [ema(50) > ....] , then the scan will only look at SPY because that is the only symbol that satisfies that condition.

    So, you would have to use 2 scans, one for SPY alone to see if it meets your condition, and then a second scan against whatever universe you choose for the remainder of your conditions.
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