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EMA 8 and 21 crossover scan help needed

New to here but using long time, need help to create scan with 8 and 21 EMA crossover alert with avg volume 500k and stock price is greater than 30


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    The second parts are easy

    and [close > 30]
    and [sma(?, volume) > 500000] // you decide length of MA where ? is

    Then you have to decide the direction of the crossover. MA 8 is faster, so it will always do the crossing, but there is no "cross below" operator, only "x", which is "cross above"

    So for 8 crosses above 21

    and [ema(8,close) x ema(21,close)]

    but for 8 crosses below 21, you have to write it as if 21 crosses above 8, so:

    and [ema(21,close) x ema(8, close)]
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