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I want to create chart lists of member companies listed in industry summary pages.

To clarify; if you go to Summary pages, Industry Summary, Communication Services, Media Agencies and then Industry members tab below the two day chart of Media Agencies, is a list of member companies. I want to make chart lists of those companies. Other than entering each company symbol into a chart, is there an easier way?

Best Answer


  • Run a scan that just specifies the industry group or sector you want.

    You can select the group from the Sectors and Industries drop down below the scan window.

    So for instance

    [exchange is NYSE] or [exchange is NASD] //optional to eliminate PINKs and other junk

    and [market cap > 1000] // optional

    and [volume > 10000] // optional

    and [group is ApparelRetailers] // or whatever you select
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