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i think this is an easy one...looking to scan nasdaq stocks that have gone up 50% in 30,60,90 days

i have tried "looking back" w the calendar when I scan, and using pct increase w tech indicators. I get results that do not meet criteria...?
thanks for help! david

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  • markdmarkd mod
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    Just compare today's close to the close 30 days ago, e.g.

    and [close > 30 days ago close * 1.5]


  • SofearnotSofearnot
    edited August 11

    AND [group is nasdaq]

    AND [close > 30 days ago close * 1.5] 

    AND [close > 60 days ago close * 1.5] 

    AND [close > 90 days ago close * 1.5] 


    edit: comment deleted per user request.

  • You could explore various Combinations or and/or in the scans

  • Combinations “of” meant to say.

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