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Hugely OVERDUE, now, For another Government BAILOUT

Since Everybody seems to be Speculating on what and when the next government Bailout will be, interested in what u guys think the Next major government Bailout will be? FNHCQ? Freddie Mac? Seems to be Almost a Certainty, long-term, like by end of next year i would expect a MAJOR Bailout to the taxpayer's Dime. We won't even get into their Quarterly Net Income scenario here. SLM? Sallie Mae? Quite Possibly the worst-run company that has ever existed. Anemic Q. net income. Fell off a Cliff, Actually. Excellent Candidate for BAILOUTS. Esp. being from Delaware. Big Spike in OBV, tho, not sure what to make of that....Could This be the Final Throes of the Death knell? NAVI? Excellent candidate for a gov't Bailout. Technicals look kinda decent, though. What are your Top three companies/Industries that you would expect would get a government bailout, by end of next year?


  • AIG got that Juicy Bailout on the taxpayers Dime, and i don't think they were Even in as Bad a condition as some of these from a Fundamental Perspective. Then again, AIG took all the taxpayers money and Lined the pockets of all their Exec's as we know with from history. Bernanke certainly Hooked those fellows-up Not Sure what he got in Return. Probably didn't do the trading in his Own account, though, I would Suspect.
  • Sallie mae missed every single estimate i think they may be setting themself up for the Handout
  • so how would play that?
  • you could...possibly buy LEAP calls when SLM Takes-out its March 2023 low
  • Somebody made an Enormous purchase a few days after I posted this.. but they are Entirely too premature on this Move and not Realizing that Adx Signal does Not support this yet i do not think it will Break-through the 18.0 Resistance on a Monthly Chart but ya never know stranger things Have happened...
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    'Mortgage giant Fannie Mae says a recession is still coming at the end of the year' Yahoo Finance
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