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UDI for a group of stocks index

Hello, I would like to have an index that adds the price of a group of stocks, and that it gets updated automatically with the stock prices everyday, is this possible in stockcharts?



    The documentation on UDIs (linked above, with more links at the bottom of that page) seems to say that the user (Stockcharts member) must update the data "manually".

    If you are technically savvy, or know someone who is, it may be possible to write routines that get data from a data source, then updates and uploads data files to Stockcharts, although there may be security issues (automated access to data and to Stockcharts).
  • You can Create a Chartlist in the my Dashboard and then Edit it, i believe. If you would like to post the Individual stocks here or message me, I can try to do it for you or walk you through how to do it

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