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Predicting Next Day Gap Ups

I know this is a crazy request, but are there any ..even remote technical indicators or signals, that might give even an inkling as to a potential gap up on the next days open ? I realize that the geo/political/news/earnings can affect gaps, but so many gap ups seem to occur even with no significant news. A lot of profit can be made on gap ups, especially on high ATR stocks.


  • Maybe look at the bid/ask spread and see the number of investors that might be easily taken out
  • of course earnings will play a vital role as well as any footprints of insider trading. Eager to hear what other investors might add.
  • Just guessing - some gaps may occur on the most widely followed technical indicator signals. A lot of retail traders would see them and act all at once together. That would take some research to verify.
  • there are some websites that offer dark pool info but I had hit-or-miss luck with those

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