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Just DEFAULT Already. Not ADD MORE! WHY postpone the Inevitable?

Why are we Solving the Crisis by Adding* More Debt


  • Any Third-Grade Child, Seriously, can see we will need to Default

    gov. has zero dollars. gov. has $40$ trillion in Debt. It's just common sense to default Why Make Matters Worse? The Only viable Solution we have is to default unless we want to Wreck democracy, and the Future for all our children
  • not student loan dismissal for Quarter-million dollar a year Earners. not ppo "loan(s)" dismissal. Just help democracy and do the Right thing
  • We get to choose between a half-dozen Candidates Alll with Unfavorable ratings Above 60%. god bless america

  • Will Someone please tell the government to Stop spending money it doesn’t Have? we are already the Poorest country on Earth, bar none, if u look at the numbers …yet we keep spending…

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