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Keltner direction scan help

Cheers. I have had success with screens but this idea has me stumped. I am trying to create a screen that returns a list of stocks whose lower channel Keltner Band is rising (simply, higher today than it was yesterday). Preferably, I'd like to run this on both a Daily and Weekly level, but at this point just hoping to be able to run it at all. Thanks!!


  • You can find any scannable indicator in the "Technical Indicators" drop down under the scan writing window on the scan workbench. Slide down until you find what you want, click on it and then click "Add". The default scan text will appear in the window as the last line of your scan. If necessary, scroll down to see it. Usually, you will need to edit the default version to your own requirements, as below.

    Note the weekly version (third line) requires the time frame modifiers weekly and week. The daily version does not, because the scan engine assumes everything means "today's" data (meaning as of the most recent update if the scan runs intraday, while the market is open, or the most recent final update (usually by 6:30 pm eastern) if the market is closed) unless you say otherwise.

    [group is sp500]

    //and [Lower Kelt Chan(20,2,10) > 1 day ago Lower Kelt Chan(20,2,10)]

    // and [weekly Lower Kelt Chan(20,2,10) > 1 week ago Lower Kelt Chan(20,2,10)]
  • Brilliant. Success! Thank you for the help!
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