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the Indicator Stochastics RSI 14

re: the Indicator Stochastics RSI 14

I am trying to write a scan that when the Indicator Stochastics RSI 14 crosses up and over the exp moving average 5 and then write a scan that Indicator Stochastics RSI 14 crosses back down over the exp moving average 5.

Ran the scanner and it just sits there and does nothing. However if I place a // before the last line, then all of the resulting stocks will have closing prices less than 10. That is not right. It has to find stocks above $10.00.

The following is as far as I can go.

Scan 20B - Stoch RSI 14 xover ema 5

[type = stock] AND [COUNTRY = US]
and [ stoch RSI(14) x EMA(5)]
AND [Daily Volume > 500000]
AND [Daily Close > 10]

Scan 20C - ema 5 over Stoch RSI 14

[type = stock] AND [COUNTRY = US]
and [ EMA(5) x stoch RSI(14)]
AND [Daily Volume > 500000]
AND [Daily Close > 10]

Now, if the a scan like the following can find stocks (13 of them today) greater than $10.00 then why not the above.

Scan 20A - RSI xover EMA 5

[type = stock] AND [COUNTRY = US]
and [ RSI(14) X EMA(5)]
AND [Daily Volume > 500000]
AND [Daily Close > 10]

thanks in advance,

Quill -

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  • Can you post a link to a chart that shows what you are looking for.

    Seems you maybe mixing two different indicators, RSI 14 and EMA 5, or do you mean the EMA 5 of the RSI 14?
  • gord,

    See the attached model chart I use.

    Look at the bottom panel for October 13 to buy and to sell on October 23.
    The chart is from Freestockcharts dot com, however I use the stockcharts dot com to use the scanning tool as well as viewing stockcharts charts.

    The third panel is used for beginners using a simple scanning tool.

    I use the third panel from the top to find stocks for the bottom panel because stockcharts scanning tool at the present is not working even though all other scanning tools I use all find stocks that are above $10.00. There seems to be something wrong and I am totally confused.

    There is no confusion, I use one scan to find the xovers heading North and another scan to find at the xover for heading South. At each panel on the chart, I have two maybe three scanning tools for each. The second panel down has three scanning tools, the third panel down has 3 or 4 scanning tools.

    Today 11/13/14 at this moment, there is a BUY Signal to buy NAVI at $20.48. Look at the chart showing the cross over. The scanning tool would have found it instead of doing everything manually.

    Hope this can help in what I am trying to do.

    best regards

    Quill -
  • Gord,

    Thank you very very much.

    Ran the scanning tool and I found NAVI on the list just like I spotted it by hand this morning confirming that your new line will be added to my scanning tool that works just perfectly now.

    re wrote the EMA 5 over Stoch RSI 14 Scanning tool in finding stocks heading south at the xover.

    My best regards,

    Quill -

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