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Can you get Bollinger Bands to show with Area style when you are using it as an indicator?

edited November 2014 in SharpCharts
When using Bollinger Bands as an overlay of your main chart you can select to show them using the "Area" style which fills in the area between the two outer bands. In one of my charts I have added as an "indicator" Price with another ETF, so as to compare the two ETFs, with a sma overlay. I also have added another indicator (also using "price" as the indicator and the ETF as the Parameter) and requested its position to be "Behind Indicator". This time I selected Bollinger Bands as the overlay. I was wondering if it is possible to get Bollinger Bands to show with Area style when you are using it as an indicator, like you can if it is on the main chart.


  • It does not look like you can do this unless Gord knows of a clever pro trick, which seems doubtful. I had a similar situation where I wanted to change the color of an EMA in the advanced options overlay of the indicator window to match the color of the EMA in the main window. The indicator window color and style option only applies to the indicator and not to the advanced option overlay. It was not a big deal. I adjusted. I hope you found a solution.
  • Thanks for your thoughts Kevo. Yes. I found a work-around. I just setup a chart-list with several etf's, each with Bollinger-bands for an overlay of the main chart etf. The reason this is now working for me is that I turned one of my monitors 90 degrees so that it is now vertical and can show the chart-list in 10 per page view.
  • Yeah, me too. I discovered that small charts on 10 per page view is the way to do things. B)
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