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Alert when Wm%R falls under -20

Hi everyone,
I've got a chartlist with a number of funds i set up with a weekly period and with a Wm%R(10) overlay.
I'm trying to set up an alert for when Wm%R(10) falls below -20 for any of these.

Wm%R is available as a technical indicator for the alert, but having trouble with configuring the script so it reflects a weekly (not daily) period and for Wm%R(10) indicator.

Any thoughts?



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    markdmarkd mod
    edited May 9
    You need to add a time frame modifier in front of everything that will take one - the time frame modifiers are "daily", "weekly" and "monthly". For instance, for the indicator it would be

    and [weekly Williams %R(14) < -20.0] // modify to suit your needs

    If you have other requirements, like volume, those need to be modified, too, to be consistent. For instance,

    and [weekly sma(10, weekly volume) > 1000000] // or whatever

    You might also want to add something about past Williams readings being above -20, so,

    and [2 weeks ago weekly Williams %R(14) > -20] // or something like that

    Otherwise, you may get anything that is below -20 for any amount of time instead of something just arriving there.

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    does this script look right?:
    [symbol is 'xlu']
    and [weekly williams %R(10) < -20.0]
    and [1 week ago weekly williams %R(10) > -20.0]

    I have 5 etfs in a chartlist that i wanted to get an alert for based on this Williams%R change.
    Do i need to do a separate alert for each of the 5 ETFs or is there a way to reference all 5 at once in the chartlist?
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    markdmarkd mod
    You should be able to use a list.

    On the alert workbench, find the drop down labelled "Your Chartlists".

    Select the list you want and click "Add". You should get something like

    and [favorites list is 99] // name of your list

    Move this text to the top of your scan so it is the first line and edit out the "and", so it looks something like this:

    [favorites list is 99] // name of your list
    and [weekly williams %R(10) < -20.0]
    and [1 week ago weekly williams %R(10) > -20.0]
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    perfect, thanks!
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