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8day ema cross above 21day ema price cross above 8 dema

How do I add price crossing above the 8 day ema in the following scan? Basically I want to scan for stocks which meet the criteria of the 8DEMA crosses above the 21DEMA and the stock price crosses the 8DEMA with all three events taking place at the same time.

[type is stock]
AND[country is US]
AND [[exchange is NASDAQ]
or [ exchange is nyse]
or [ exchange is amex]]
AND [name not contains 'Fund']
AND [name not contains 'ETF']
AND [name not contains 'ETN']
AND [name not contains 'iShares']
AND [name not contains 'PowerShares']
and [sma(20, volume) > 500000]
and [todays ema(8, weekly close) x todays ema(21, weekly close)]


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    You probably don't want to mix time frames, so edit out "weekly". Also, the daily time frame is the "default", meaning, it's understood you mean daily unless you write "weekly" or "monthly", so you don't have to say "today's" unless it clarifies things for you.

    ... // your code, except the last line, then

    and [ema(8,close) x ema(21,close)]
    and [close x ema(8,close)]

    I'm guessing you are likely to get few hits most of the time and some days none. Against the sp500 this got three hits today (5/14, after the close)
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    Thanks for the help
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