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Is there an indicator that predicts a likely trip to the lower weekly Bollinger Band?

During 2010 - 2014 (present) QQQ has taken trips to the lower weekly Bollinger Band from high-points in April 2010, in March & August of 2011, in March of 2012, in August of 2012, in Feb of 2014, and in Sept of 2014. Does anybody know an indicator which sent a sell signal at each (or most) of these points but not at other points?
Thanks in advance.

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  • markdmarkd mod
    edited November 2014 Answer ✓
    From your chart, it looks like Slow Sto %K(14) (blue line) crossing from above to below 80 is pretty good. Not perfect, but not bad. You could play with the parameters of BB and Slo (or Fast, or Full) Sto %K to see if it's possible to synch them up more. You could use a trailing stop above the high of each higher volume down bar to deal with signals that don't follow through.
  • gordgord admin
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    BobS, I just changed your post from a discussion to a question, now you will have the option to accept Mark's answer.

    In future when you start a new post you have the option in the dropdown menu beside the "New Discussion" button to make it a Discussion or a Question, just select Question.

    I try to change anything I see posted as a discussion which should be a question, but I can't catch everything, I'm just a user volunteer with a few extra permissions.

    cheers Gord


  • Thank you MarkD. That is great that an indicator that I am already partial to can do the job pretty well. I did not see it because I was distracted by the other two lines on the Stochastics chart. When you mentioned it, I used a trick I learned from Greg Schnell to reduce to zero the opacity of the other two indicators on the Stochastics chart, which made the one I needed to see stand out. That it quite helpful. I will play with the parameters of BB and Sto %K some more upon your recommendations.

    On another matter, I want to give you credit for answering this question, but I have not seen the way to do that. Because I have not seen it on the present site, I have neglected to give you credit for several answers you have given. Since you are on the answering side of questions far more often than the asking side, you may have not looked for the "answered button". But if you or someone else could tell me how to give credit, I certainly want to do that.

    Thanks again.
  • Thank you Gord. I now see the arrow indicating drop down choices to ask a Question rather than start a discussion. Very reasonable place to put that.

    Thank you also Gord for your service to all of us to administrate this site as a fellow user. Your kindness and competence are very highly appreciated, by me and I expect by many more as well. Thanks again.
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