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Was wondering what time frame for the tail length do users here find the most appealing for determining sector or industry rotation on the RRG graph. Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Lynden,

    The tail length on an RRG chart is not a parameter but more 'cosmetic' and a tool for visualization. Changing the length of the trail therefore does not change the position of the elements in the universe.

    Having said that my personal approach is to try and get a balance between the tail length and the number of stocks displayed on the RRG.

    When there are a lot of stocks on the graph shorter tail lengths (3-5) tend to make the chart better readable.

    If there are only a few elements than longer tails can be used to show longer rotational patterns.

    There is no right or wrong, just a matter of preference. As said balancing screen real-estate against number of elements on the plot.

    Hope this helps, Julius
  • Thank you Julius for taking the time to give some of your input.
  • Hi,

    I was thinking the information at the bottom of this post is what you might be looking for: Market Message 20141013. You have to be logged in to view.
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