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The new trading for a living

Hello all,

I currently own almost all of the books by Alexander Elder (I find his books to be very, very solid) and I noticed there is a new version of the old classic "Trading for a living". I was wondering whether it is worth it for someone who has the old version to purchase the new one. Is there enough new content for it to be worth the 64$?




  • Hi Akroma, I also have several books from Dr. Elder including the original Trading for a Living (1993) and I purchased the New Trading for a Living (2014).

    The core of his teachings are the same but he added new items and color Charts graphs are a plus for the current stocks analysis (such as for amazon, apple, etc) that he does.

    He also added new and improved trading techniques that he perfected or discovered in the past 20 years (since his original book was published). This is a reasonable long time frame (20 years) where a good trader would usually have improved his trading techniques.

    Overall is a more modern version of Trading for a Living and I highly recommend it,

    Repetition is the mother of skill. :-)
  • STRONGLY RECOMMEND the New Trading For A Living.

    I especially like how Elder and Lovvorn use Keltner Channels.
    For me, it completely replaces off-chart oscillators like RSI, CCI, or Stochastics.

    But, I do still have PPO and Force Index indicators on my charts.
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