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Heikin Ashi Close in Scan?

edited November 2014 in Scanning
How to replace Daily CLOSE with Heikin Ashi Close,

for eg., Upper BB(20,2.0,Daily Close) < Upper Kelt Chan(20,1.5,10)

Upper BB(20,2.0,Heikin Ashi Close) < Upper Kelt Chan(20,1.5,10)



  • Here is a list of SharpChart features that the scan engine does NOT support: What-indicators-and-overlays-does-the-Scan-Engine-support

    Heikin Ashi is not in that list. The FAQ says bars, and candlesticks are supported. Heikin Ashi is combo candlestick. I like Heikin Ashi to see trend changes better.

    Does the FAQ need updating, or does anyone have any further insight?
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