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Double Top / Doubl Bottom

Double Top / bottom ...Please help !
I am looking for a formula how to scan for double tops and triple tops:-

I have created the following-

Ideally I am looking

Double Top Stock Scan &
Double Bottom Scan

In the scan -
1. I would like the trough after the first peak to be > 10%
2. A Minimum of 4 weeks between initial top and second top
3. A second peak to be within 3% of the previous high

I have tried to write a scan as below but it doesn't work ! - any help appreciated

[type = stock] AND [Daily SMA(20,Daily Volume) > 40000] and [close > 10] and [exchange is NYSE] and [weekly close < last month close] and [PctChange(30,close) > 10] and [PctChange(90,close) < 10]

Thank you


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited December 2014
    Here's a quick shot at it:

    // current price near 31 day high
    and [Fast Stoch %K(31, 1) > 80]

    // price was near it's 31 day high before
    and [10 days ago max(31, Fast Stoch %K(31,1)) > 80]

    // there was a decline in between (doesn't measure per cent - sorry)
    and [min(31, Fast Stoch %K(31,1)) < 20]

    // probably there hasn't been another peak in between
    and [1 day ago Upper Price Chan(63) = 20 days ago Upper Price Chan(63)]

    // price today is probably pretty close to the last peak
    and [Upper Price Chan(31) > Upper Price Chan(63) *.97]

    On SP500, this gets three pretty good hits. Maybe you can work with it to get closer to what you want. All parameters (K - 31, Chan - 63, 10, 20 days ago, etc.) were just guesses so you can probably do better. Also, it's only going to get double tops that reached the 63 day upper channel. You could just turn everything around to see if you can get double bottoms.
  • Mark
    A belated thank you to the below. I have not visited this page in a while
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