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How to scan for list of closing prices "X" days in the past?

I have a chart list for which I need to return the closing prices 63 days ago. that I will save in a CSV file.

Can anyone help with the scan please?

Thanks for your time.

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  • gordgord admin
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    There is also another way if you could use 3 months rather than 63 days, just about the same.

    Open your chartlist in the summary mode from the members page, or just open any chart in the list, select view all, then select summary mode. Then at the top of the page in the dropdown menu change intraday or EOD to 3 months. Now the will see todays close, the difference from 3 months ago and also the percent difference.

  • gordgord admin
    edited December 2014 Answer ✓
    Ruffler, yes its possible but browser dependent.

    I use FireFox, so I can just scroll down to the bottom of the table, then hit CTRL and left click dragging across and up to highlight the section of the table I want, then right click, select copy. Open Excel and select paste, then just delete the columns you don't need.

    If you run a scan for just this list, the out put screen will give you the symbols but won't give you the change and percent over time, but you will have the option to save to a CSV.

    I'm assuming you want the change and percent, so the above method is the best in your case and it's actually faster.
  • KevoKevo
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    Have a look at gord's new innovative solution: Date on Saved Chart, historic price on list summary page


  • On the advanced scan page:

    Delete the default text in the scan box

    choose your list from the "Chartlists" drop down and click "Insert"

    From the drop down calendar above the scan box, choose the day that is 63 days ago (the calendar appears when you click on the box after the word "Starting".

    Run the scan.

    On the results page, in the Available Actions dropdown, select the CSV option.

  • Correction to step 2:

    choose your list from the "Chartlists" drop down and click "Insert"; remove the leading "and"

  • Hi markd

    I tried the steps you wrote, and the scan returns today's close. I need the scan to return the close 63 days ago which I probably didn't explain correctly. The date that is 63 days ago is Sept 16 from Dec 12th's close (I worked on the scan this weekend)

    The CSV file I'd save would have Sept 16th's close displayed, not the current close or in my case Dec 12th.

    Thanks very much for your help.
  • Good Job markd correctly interpreting Ruffler's scan question. I was not exactly sure what Ruffler was asking until I saw your answer.

    I noticed the same thing: The scan results return today's current closing price even though the scan was backtesting. Same thing with the Summary screen if you save a chart with a custom range start/end date.

    The best suggestion that I can think of is to create the smallest chart possible, set the range to start/end, then pick your date in question as the end date, then apply the new chart style to all the charts in the list, then view all charts in 10 per page mode. It will be a manual process to copy down all the closing prices.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited December 2014
    Sorry about that, Ruffler. I forgot that the scan engine returns today's data only. Then you have to adjust your chart as Kevo says to see your scan conditions.

    You could follow Kevo's suggestion, or, if you are good with excel, and there aren't too many symbols, download the data file for each symbol, merge into one file and filter on the date. Depends on how you feel about using the keyboard vs. the mouse, I guess.

    A note though: Stockcharts data is maintained for charting purposes, not tax purposes, if that's what you are doing. It is adjusted for splits and dividends, so the "historical" closing price in the data is not necessarily the "actual" closing price that was displayed that day.
  • Thanks to both of you. You've helped a lot.

    I will try the "small chart" list that Kevo explained. All I want is to do is enter the "63 days ago close" to an Excel spreadsheet. I want to use it as the "Start Price" and 'Today's Close" as the end price, and then calculate the difference. Splits or dividends are not a major factor as the stocks on my list are small-cap mining stocks.
  • Thanks Gord.... that was really helpful also. Now just one more thing. How do I export the resulting list to a CSV file I can use in Excel? Any thoughts?

    All your help is most appreciated.
  • You could scan for the list (as above), download results as a csv, delete today's prices, type in the 63 days ago prices.
  • Worked fine! Thanks again! I have my spreadsheet!!

    You folks are the best. :-)
  • takes a while sometimes, but somebody gets us there eventually...
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