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Incorrect PnF Chart on IWM

Unless the PnF chart process works in a way that I am unaware of, I believe that the IWM PnF chart is displaying incorrect data when it says that there was a "Spread Triple Top Breakout on December 24th." As can be seen at IWM's historical prices here ( ) just this year, IWM printed $120 a number of times including an intraday high of $120.97 on July 1st, 2014 when it actually closed at $120.02 that day...Therefore, for Stockchart's IWM PnF chart to show a "Spread Triple Top Breakout", IWM will need to print $122 intraday...No? Please tell me what am I missing and correct me if I am wrong...or the online chart needs to corrected...

Thank you...

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  • gordgord admin
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    The historical data you are referencing at Yahoo is unadjusted data, ie no adjustments in the data for dividends. The StockCharts chart you are looking at is adjusted for these dividends and thus the P&F chart is also using the adjusted data. This is the difference you are seeing.

    StockCharts does provide a way to chart unadjusted data, just put an underscore in front of the symbol. _IWM

    There are also lots of articles in the chartschool section on how StockCharts handles data adjustments for div's etc. just do a search on the main site for "data adjustments."
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