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scanning ASK BID price spreads?

edited December 2014 in Scanning
Can we scan for stocks based on ASK BID price spreads?


  • Hi Don,

    Doesn't look like it. There is no option for bid or ask in the "Price, Volume, and SCTRs:" drop down on the advanced scan builder page.

    You can see the bid ask if you turn on full quote for your chart style, but that seems to be it.
  • Hello!

    I forgot about the Bid/Ask in the Full Quote option. I remember once thinking that it can't be correct. After checking on it, I have not since paid attention to the Bid/Ask in Full Quote. I figure ExtraRT members and higher might have reliable Bid/Ask in the Full Quote. Otherwise, it might be BATS data with an up to 20 minute delay.

    I thought of an explanation why it is not possible to scan for Bid/Ask. The Bid/Ask is not "printed" on the tape when a transaction occurs. I figure one of the two becomes the last price in tick data. This tick data is converted to bar data that SCC subscribes to. The bar data only has open, close, high, low, volume, and time (location) of the bar. I think that is it.

    You could use these scan keywords: range, high, and low; and these indicators: ATR, BB Width, and Standard Deviation to scan for price spread or daily bar volatility if that is what you are looking for.
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