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Scanning Industry Group

I know that there is a way to chart $SECTOR and $INDUSTRY but is there a way to perform scans on them to see which $SECTOR or $INDUSTRY may be making a new high......

Thanks in advance......


  • carlsoncarlson
    edited December 2014
    Some examples using the Aroon Up indicator. Just mix and match until you arrive at the right combination for your needs.

    // Scan Example 1 using ETF's:
    // Any one of the 9 SPDR Sectors .
    [[symbol is 'xly'] or [symbol is 'xlp'] or [symbol is 'xle'] or [symbol is 'xlf'] or [symbol is 'xlv'] or [symbol is 'xli'] or [symbol is 'xlb'] or [symbol is 'xlk'] or [symbol is 'xlu']]

    // A 130 day high was made today.
    and [Aroon Up (130) = 100]

    //Scan Example 2 using ETF's:
    // Russell 2000 small cap, or Russell 1000 large/mid cap, or Nasdaq 100, or S&P 500.
    [[symbol is 'iwm'] or [symbol is 'iwb'] or [symbol is 'qqq'] or [symbol is 'ivv']]

    // A 260 day high occurred within the last 20 days.
    and [Max (20, Aroon Up (260)) = 100]

    //Scan Example 3 using indexes:
    // Any symbol that contains '$DJUS' or the symbol '$DWCREE'
    // This means any Dow Jones US Index (DJUS industry, group, sector, etc.) and the renewable energy group.
    [[symbol contains '$djus'] or [symbol is '$dwcree']]

    // At or near a 65 day high as of today.
    and [Aroon Up (65) > 90]

    Almost forgot! Here you can get a symbol list of the DJ industry groups broken down by sector:
  • Put the SPDR SELECT Sector ETFs in a list, Put The Dow Jones Industry Group Indexes in a list and put The Dow Jones Sector Indexes in a list...Then just run a new high scan any time you wish. You could also run a scan to see which ones are within 5 or 10% of a new high so you can keep an eye on 'em.
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