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Prepopulated Chart Lists

When I helped my father sign up for stockcharts it gave the option to have pre-loaded stock lists. I have two questions about these. 1. How do I delete the gray headings that separate the categories? 2. If I deleted the US indexes and now want them back, can I add them?

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    gordgord admin
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    I assume you are looking at your chartlists on the members page. The lists alternate between white and grey just to make it easier to see them.

    Now there are some chartlists that are empty and just used as titles for the various sections, this helps to keep things organized. If you want to delete them just select edit and at the top of the page there is a link to delete the chartlist.

    If you delete a list that you later want to get back, just go to your account settings on the members page, scroll down and you will see your installed chartpacks. If you know which pack the list was from just use the "re-install" button.


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