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scanning for ETFs in RRG group leading

Is it possible to create a scan that brings up all ETFs in the RRG Group "leading"?


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    Hi JH, I don't see any options in the scan builder drop downs on the advanced scan page for RRG.

    I can think of one work around, although it is a little work:

    Put your ETFs in a "permanent" list. Make a copy of that list.

    In one browser window, open the copied list in "Edit" view. Select all the symbols (so they all have check marks beside them).

    In another window, open the permanent list using the "RRG" view.

    In the RRG window, note the symbols in the leading group and un-check them in the Edit window.

    Send the checked symbols to the trash, and display the remaining charts.

    Not as easy as a scan, but it isolates the charts you want in their own list. You have to keep making copies of the permanent list, and renaming them, so that's more work, too.

    Maybe somebody else will have a more clever idea.

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    Many people may not use this feature, but on the homepage in the ETF SCTRs box, there is an RRG link to put the top 10 / Top Up / Top Down in an RRG.
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    Hello all,

    I've requested a SCAN option for RRG.

    So we can, for example, scan for RRG Momentum crossing above/below 100.

    If you're interested in having that option, I'd suggest taking a moment and asking StockCharts for it.

    Thanks to everyone who has added to RRG information.

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    Hi Markd,

    You may want to use the "Linkable version of RRGs".
    Below the table is a link with that name, if you click it a link will appear. Save that link as a bookmark in your browser and next time when you want to look at that universe simply click the bookmark and that RRG will be rendered, including all your settings.

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