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ma cross of RSI

Ok can anyone assist on this one please.
Looking for a default daily setting RSI 14 with a SMA 9 overlay to it, showing both a 9 SMA and 14 RSI cross at the 50 level.
As well the same as above with the 45 EMA cross of a default RSI 14 both over the 50 level. Have beat my head to death trying to figure out so any help is greatly appreciated . Also this would be EOD close settings. Thanks in advance.

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  • Whoops my bad i know how to plot and i am sorry can this be relocated to the "scanning" forum? Sorry I am looking for how to scan for the condition. Thanks and sorry for putting this in the wrong place.
  • Thanks Gord for taking the time to answer my question. I have tried the article that you mentioned and modified as i to was getting not many hits. Once again thank you for you time.
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