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RSI MA crosss

Ok can anyone assist on this one please.
Looking for a default daily setting RSI 14 with a SMA 9 overlay to it, showing both a 9 SMA and 14 RSI cross at the 50 level.
As well the same as above with the 45 EMA cross of a default RSI 14 both over the 50 level. Have beat my head to death trying to figure out so any help is greatly appreciated . Also this would be EOD close settings. Thanks in advance.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2015
    Hi lynden, it's unlikely both indicator and it's MA will cross simultaneously because the MA necessarily lags the indicator itself. I suppose it might be possible if the indicator has flattened out around 50, but that would be a more unusual situation I think.

    I think what you want to do is test for the indicator > 50 already, and then test for the MA x 50.

    If you wanted a heads up on the MA crossover, you could scan for the RSI x 50 first, save in a list, then scan the list for sma x 50 on succeeding days.
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