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Moving Average Data

I have seen on another system that there is a way to view past historical data not only for the price action but also for the moving averages. This is handy if I want to see if the moving average is going down or up (sometimes hard to tell if it looks flat). Has anyone found a way to replicate this on A way to pull the data easily into excel perhaps?



  • You could download the historical price data, and then look for an Excel plug-in that calculates Moving Averages. My opinion is that this would be a futile exercise because the best way to see the direction of historical Moving Averages is by looking at them on the chart. :)
  • You could also use the inspector and mouse over a spot on a MA to get an idea of it's value at that point in time.
  • Kevo, yes I agree it's helpful to see it visually but sometimes the tabular data shows the turn easier than the naked eye can.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2015
    Hi jon, as Kevo says, I think you have to download the past data and apply Excel formulas to calculate the MAs for you. Just to date myself, years ago I did this in a PC database programming package (with "+" signs and "-" signs in the adjacent columns) and your are right, you can see things in tabular form that aren't so readily apparent on the chart. Not so hard to do the same in Excel or similar. And if you really like to generate data, you could count the number of consecutive days up or down, etc.
  • Thanks @markd I think I'll get to work on Excel to do it.
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