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Trend Quartiles Capability?

Does anyone know how the following can be done via Stockcharts?
Bottarelli Research (see attached sample) seems to draw trend quartiles via Stockcharts (looks like Stockchart charts).
These are basically curved lines and associated zones of the recent trend (high/low) of the price.
These trend quartiles are used to analyze and forecast price action.
See attached PDF example with chart and text analysis below the chart or just Google "Bottarelli trend quartile chart".
Thank you.

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  • gordgord admin
    Answer ✓
    To me it looks like those trend lines have been drawn on the chart manually using the chart annotation tools at StockCharts. But there is no way I know of to have them automatically generated.


  • Hi Gord - Thanks for the reply. Likely the case of manual additions. However it's all seems so seamless (color blending) that I thought it was auto generated. Regardless will be good to have this capability.
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