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I would appreciate help so that someone more experienced can insert a 5 - period SMA as a filter confirmation signal Buy the following Trading System:
(MACD Buy with SMA positive).

[type = stock] AND [Daily SMA (20, Daily Volume)> 300000]
and [MACD Line (1,65,1) <0.0] and [1 days ago MACD Line (1,65,1) <0.0] and [2 days ago MACD Line (1,65,1) <0.0]
and [SCTR> 50]
and [country is US]
and [Close <60]
and [Volume> 300000]
and [type is stock]

Thanks for your attention and cooperation.
In the meantime, best regards from Italy.

* (Machine translation)


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2015
    First some comments, then a question:

    Regarding scan form:

    You have several conditions included twice:

    [type = stock] appears twice; just write it one time

    For volume you have:

    [daily sma(20, daily volume) > 300000]
    [volume > 300000]

    Do you want two conditions for volume? It's OK, just asking.

    As Gord says, your scans will run faster if you put the most general characteristics and simple calculations first, and then the more complicated calculations, such as indicator conditions. So:

    [type = stock]
    and [country = US]
    and [SCTR > 50]

    and [close > 60]
    and [volume > 300000]
    and [sma(20, volume)>300000]

    and [MACD Line (1,65,1) <0.0] // I think you mean >0.0?
    and [1 days ago MACD Line (1,65,1) <0.0]
    and [2 days ago MACD Line (1,65,1) <0.0]


    What do you want to do with the sma filter?

    Is it sma of MACD Line? Do you want MACD line above a rising sma?
    Is it sma of close? Do you want the close above a rising sma?

    or something else?
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