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What is this indicator and it's settings?


I was curious if anyone knew what David Larew was using to get this indicator he lists on a lot of his charts? I can't figure out what indicator he is using or his settings.

I am looking for the indicator and it's settings that are within the red box in the screenshot.

Thank you!

Best Answers


  • Thank you!

    How were you able to determine the settings used by David?
  • He is an expert. If you are familiar with the indicators, it is easy to recognize. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was either MACD Hist, PPO with no smoothing, or PVO. So, I was going to experiment to see which of these 3 it could be. I knew it would likely be MACD Hist.
  • I think now I am a little confused @gord. How did you know the MACD Hist Parameters? Another question would be: cathoduzz did not include a stockcharts URL in this post nor is it found in the imgur link. So, how could he convert the image URL to the charting URL if he did not have a URL to start with? :\

    P.S. Thanks for the great tip about the image URL feature!
  • @Kevo Hey man. He did it by finding David Larew's charts. He's a common public poster @
  • Kevo just as Cathoduzz figured, just a quick google search for David Larew's $SPX chart, then as per the instructions I provided previously.
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