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Looking for a website that provides current market index phase ( Accumulation, Distribution, etc.)


A while ago I stumbled upon a website that provided the current phase of multiple indexes, such as the $SPX. I sadly did not save it, or have wiped my PC clean since finding it and did not save my bookmarks sadly.

This website had the index listed, and then listed if it was in distribution, accumulation, and possibly other phases. Does anyone have a resource of where I could find this website or something similar to it (e.g.: Market Index with current 'phase' of market listed?)

Thank you.


  • likely does a better job at answering your question than any other website. All you have to do is put the time and work into setting up your charts. After all, this support site is all about using SCC. :)

    "Does anyone have a resource of where I could find this website or something similar to it?"
    Answer: You already found it!

    Just a caution... I would like to point out that it is important to get Technical Analysis terminology right. This is an early step towards improvement. When looking at indexes, we don't look at its "phase". There is more too it than that. We examine TA concepts like: Trend, Momentum, Overbought/Oversold, Support/Resistance, Accumulation/Distribution, etc. Be careful looking at outside providers. They can sometimes cause confusion, if you are not well versed with TA. Read through Chart School to get a good grasp.
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    New Trading Systems by David Larew (Public Stocharts) may be of interest to you.
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