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New here, please help, $NYHL question

Hi everyone, does anyone know why the $NYHL symbol updates the previous close around 10:15am the next day. For instance last night (1/13/15) $NYHL closed at 205. Today it showed a 205 close until 10:15 am when it changed to 89. The daily change is correct however it is the previous close that always seems to change the next day between 10:10-1020 am. Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys!


  • $NYHL is updated intraday. It is not an EOD breadth indicator. This means you can view $NYHL at different scales likely Daily and some intraday scale like Hourly.

    Here is the Daily scale of $NYHL:

    The close is 89 for the 13 JAN 2015 Daily bar.

    Here is the Hourly scale of $NYHL:

    The close on the last hour of 13 JAN 2015 happens to be 205.

    Maybe you have 2 charts of $NYHL and do not realize they are at different scales.
  • Just thought of these...

    Since it does update intraday, the value is constantly changing during market hours regardless of what scale you are using at the moment.

    On the hourly scale, the bar is constantly changing until that hourly period is completed, then a close is recorded for that bar.
  • Hi Kevo!

    Thank you for the detailed response. However, I am only using the daily scale in my chart. In other words, the daily close for $NYHL for today (1/14) is 8. It will stay 8 until about 10:15 am tomorrow morning when it will change to some other number. I am just confused as to why the daily close for today would change tomorrow at 10:15? Shouldn't the close of 8 for today be recorded and final? Trying to think of why it would get changed at 10:15 am and then that new value is always the permanent one. If you have time, please look at it tomorrow (1/15) around 10:15 and you will see the daily $NYHL close of 8 for today (1/14) change to a new value (for 1/14). I understand that the current day will constantly change but just trying to figure out why the previous day's closing value changes an hour and 15 minutes into the new trading day.

    Sorry, hope I didn't make it too confusing!

  • markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2015
    Hi tradergirl22, you could document what you are seeing by making a screen capture after the close (or before the open), and then another when you see the value change; send both to support. They will either fix it or explain it.

    Actually, you could screen cap the data file as well - click on "Past data" before the open and then again when the change happens.
  • You are correct. The close changed from 8 to -79.

    Definitely a support question.
  • I saw the same thing @markd. When the market opened, a new Daily bar was created and the "Close" label changed to "Last". The current Daily bar updated randomly starting within 5 minutes of the open. Then on cue, after 10AM, the previous Daily bar changed as said above. It sure seems like a glitch unless @gord knows the explanation.

    I also noticed that a few Hourly bars were not showing later in the afternoon for a long period of time. :o

    I am support banned because I bugged them once more than a year ago. Will someone please post an update here once a reply is received? Thank You.
  • I tried and got a reply!

    Here is the response from the StockCharts Support Team:
    Breadth data comes from two different sources depending on the time you look at it and the period you are using (daily vs. intraday).

    Intraday breadth data comes from our data feed and is not audited. It is what it is at the time it was pulled off of our datafeed.
    During the day, daily data for the current day is also updated from our data feed. After the market closes however there is an audit process that is performed by our historical data vendor - Pinnacle Data. That audit process is completed sometime the following morning at which point our daily breadth data is updated.

    Industry experts have told us the Pinnacle's historical data is the most accurate available and we have incorporated their data into our system. Again, however, because it doesn't appear until the following day, we use our un-audited feed data to "fill in the gap."
  • good job, Kevo!
  • Ah that explains it. Glad to at least know it is not a bug then. Thank you so much Kevo and markd for your help in figuring this out. I really appreciate it! :smile:
  • Dear all
    You might also observe the same phenomenon with $NYAD.
    Just for your info. only.

    Cheers ... Peter
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