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Charting options?

Does anyone know of a way with or another service to chart the price of a particular option? For example the March 120 GLD call? thanks!


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    I read an article a while back where Mr. Anderson said is simply that - charting stocks. Here is a list of asset classes and types of charts you can look at:

    Stocks, ETFs, International (Indexes and ETFs), Bonds, Yields, Commodities, Currencies, Mutual Funds, Economic Indicators, Breadth Indicators, and Futures Contracts (using ^).

    This may not be a complete list.

    I'm not yet an Options trader, but I don't think options have charts? Anyway, options are not in this list.
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    Thanks @Kevo‌ I was pretty sure it wasn't available but thank you for the verification. Options do have charts to chart their price over time just as stocks do, they often also have volatility charts that go along with them.
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