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Searching for a High Yield index ticker

Hi. Does anyone have a ticker, other than funds or etfs, for a High Yield Bond index I can track? Such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch High Yield Master II??



  • markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2015
    If you use the search term "high yield" in the symbol search window at the top of the page, the first few entries are indices available for that description (symbols begin with either "$" or "!"). Note in the column "Exch" these are designated "INDX", while the remaining entries are funds and other things (e.g. USMF is U.S. mutual fund).

    Not sure if those symbols meet your needs, but that appears to be what there is.
  • Thank you for your reply. That was the first thing I tried but it isn't giving me what I'm looking for.... If I find it I will re-post. Thanks again for your response.
  • KevoKevo
    edited January 2015
    I use HYG and JNK. These two are High Yield (Junk) Corporate Bonds. However, they are ETFs, not indexes. (I don't think the ETF NAV vs. Index spread is something to be concerned about).

    Since you are looking for an index, @markd's advise is best. Your post does not say if you are looking for Corporate (Investment Grade or Junk), Treasury, or Municipal.

    CORRECTION: I meant the ETF NAV vs ETF Price spread.
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