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Why do PerfCharts have a 10 symbol limit and RRG Charts do not?

Why do PerfCharts have a 10 symbol limit and RRG Charts do not?

I noticed that PerfCharts are not tied to the whole ChartList. I suspect because of the 10 symbol limit. If PerfCharts only calculate Rate Of Change, then why is there a 10 symbol limitation? I suspect that RRG Charts have a more intense calculation. If this is the case, why the limit on PerfCharts?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

P.S. It seems as if there is no limit on the number of RRG chart symbols. However, I noticed it will not load for a certain high number of symbols and higher. I forget the number. I would guess 25-30ish.

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  • markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2015 Answer ✓
    I would guess it's because they were developed at different times by different developers for different purposes, and the max number of symbols was a design choice taking into account the technical and user-friendly trade-offs at the time.

    You could petition support to increase the number of perf chart symbols. Of course readability becomes a problem at some point.


  • Thank you markd. I was starting to think the same thing. Like you say, the PerfCharts were likely designed and developed a long time ago and were subjected to the limitations at the time. If they are going to support more than 10 symbols, PerfCharts might have to be redesigned. This task might not be high on @chipa's priority list for the time being.
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