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Universe - Filter

I'd like to filter stocks based on the Universe. This is the column that show up in the scan results screen and it's titled "U".
It usually has 'lrg', 'mid', 'sml' and 'etf' values. What's the syntax to code to have the scan filter on these values?

For example, I'd like to see only stocks that belong to 'lrg' and 'mid' Universe.

Also, I sometime see spaces in the the 'U' column for some stocks. What does that mean?


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2015 Answer ✓
    If you go to the advanced scan workbench, you will see in the Scan Builder section a drop down called "Price, Volume and SCTRs". Select one or more of the SCTR groups and adjust the default value if you want. For instance, if you select "SCTR.large" and click "Insert" you will see "and [SCTR.large >90]" appear in the scan window. To see all the "large" symbols, you would adjust the 90 to 0.

    Originally, the large, mid and small groupings corresponded to the SP500, 400 and 600, respectively. I think that has changed or is changing. If Gord checks in he will probably supply the link to explain the current situation.

    The blanks correspond to symbols that have not been associated with a SCTR grouping.

    If you want to scan by market cap, you can write your own scan. See my answer to this recent question for an explanation:

    If you are familiar with, their screener section has some useful definitions of market cap groupings you could use to construct your scans.
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    gordgord admin
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    Here's the general definition of groupings by market cap.

    Large Cap - $10 billion and greater
    Mid Cap - $2 billion to $10 billion
    Small Cap - $300 million to $2 billion

    Not all stocks in the database are tagged with a market cap definition, some just haven't been around long enough or are not part of a standard market index, thus some stocks have a blank space.

    In general all stocks in the S&P500 are tagged large cap, however these indexes are only updated on a periodic basis by S&P, thus some stocks that met the criteria as a large cap at the time of inclusion have had their prices drop and at the current time do not meet the criteria. Same thing for mid and small cap.

    As Markd stated you could just run a scan based on market cap and create you own list.

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    I think that if the stock or ETF has a value in the Universe field, then it has an associated SCTR. If the universe field is blank, then there is not an SCTR. Is this correct?

    Also, if the universe field is blank, this does not mean that it does not have an associated market cap. It could be any of the available market caps. In this case, you can find the market caps that have a blank universe value by using the market cap clause in the scan engine.

    #and [market cap > 10,000]
    #and [market cap > 2,000] and [market cap < 10,000]
    #and [market cap > 250] and [market cap < 2,000]
    #and [market cap < 300]


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    Thanks a bunch for your answers, much appreciated! Great Forum!

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