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Date on Saved Chart, historic price on list summary page

edited February 2015 in Saved Charts and ChartLists
Is there a way to change the date for prices on a Summary Page? I want to do some backtesting on 2013 prices but don't want to have to look at every chart. The default prices on the page are the last closing price. I want to see the prices for a different day.

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  • There is no way I know of to change the date of the last close column on the summary page for a chartlist.

    However as you are just interested in the closing value on a particular date in the past, you could just set up a small chart, say only a few days or even just one day, ending on the date in question.$COFFEE&p=D&st=2013-03-18&en=2013-03-19&id=p27154002653&a=268293507

    Then save this chartstyle as "candleglance" and pull up your list in candleglance mode. You then have a set of small charts showing the closing values on the date in question.

  • This may not be practical, depending oh how many symbols you are following, but:

    You could download the past data file for each symbol into a spreadsheet, then on a separate summary sheet, set up a date column and headings for each symbol and cut and paste the closing prices for each symbol. Each row would the closing prices for the list of symbols for a specific date.

    Alternatively, again depending on how may symbols you have, you could set up a chart with a primary symbol, and then put the subsidiary symbols in indicator windows below the main chart using "Price". Include "Y-axis labels" in the chart style. Then use the "Select start/end" option to set up a starting point, then step through the dates of interest. The closing prices will show up in the Y-axis label.
  • Hi Gord, really, really cool solution (again!). I noticed you do have to have the brackets around "close" or you don't get the sort on the scan date close displayed - it sorts on today's close instead.
  • Bravo gord. Excellent work connecting dots.... taking published information (see image) and finding innovative solutions to solve S.C.A.N. member questions.

    hmm... maybe we could use Rank By to even trouble shoot logic problems in scans, or fine tune scans?
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