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Is there a way to create my own technical indicators with a formula i have defined?

I'm new here and I have a technical indicator question.

I have created a couple of formulas that will plot 2 lines based on Highest Highs (plot as green line) and Lowest Lows (plot as red line) over the last 100 periods. I want to create this technical indicator out of these 2 formulas, save this for constant use, and plot it in my SharpCharts Workbench along with the other predefined indicators I'm using.

Is there a way to do this in StockCharts?

Thanks for any information you might provide or point me to in the documentation of Stock Charts?


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  • Your post reminds me of a recent post that @gord answered: best values for triple ema crossover

    Have a look at gord's comment. Basically, for EXTRA and above members, you can use the "User Defined Index Workbench" as a custom indicator because you can upload the results of the calculations from your own indicator. Just plot the UDI as an overlay or drop it in the indicator panel. I think it only plots one line. So, for two formulas, you might have to delete and re-upload. Just FYI.

    P.S. gord's solution above seems faster and easier.
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