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Is it possible to get a Perf chart to default to the bar and/or to "last month" not 200 days?

I have created a Perf charts with the particular symbols that I want to compare by bookmarking the chart once I get it as I like it. Unfortunately, it still comes up in the line format, rather than the bar chart format, and it comes up spanning 200 days even though I had set it for the last month.

Is it possible to get a Perf chart to default to the bar and to "last month"?

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  • gordgord admin
    Accepted Answer
    Yes if you save (bookmark) the default input page you will get the default 200 day setting when you pull it up again. The URL you are bookmarking will look something like this for the S&P sector ETF's.[SECT]

    Now to save (bookmark) the page with your 1 month setting, just use the "Linkable Version" link to the right of the symbol input box. It will give you a URL for the page you are looking at and it will include the 1 month time setting and bar format. Just copy and paste that link into your bookmark folder, the link will look something like this.$SPX,XLY,XLK,XLI,XLB,XLE,XLP,XLV,XLU,XLF&B=$SPX&p=1&O=111001&B=$SPX&I=$SPX

  • gordgord admin
    Accepted Answer
    Yep, it will always be the previous month, based on when you run the link. If you wanted to make the perf chart static I think you would probably just have to take a screen shot and save that file image.


  • Thanks Gord. That worked beautifully! Now, if I click in a month's time on the bookmark that I just created, I will the previous month just previous to that date, not a static chart of the chart created today. Is that right?

    Thanks again.
  • Thank you so much Gord. That was very helpful, quick, and clear.
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