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Is there a keyboard shortcut to make the RRG go to full screen?

The RRG graph has a small "diagonal opposing arrows" symbol, similar to the one just outside (top right) the typing box in which this question is being typed. When one clicks this symbol, the graph goes full screen. I almost always want to see this in full screen and would love to learn one of two things.
1. Is there a way to make it come up in full screen by default? or
2. Is there a keyboard shortcut to make the RRG go to full screen?

Thank you.

Best Answers

  • KevoKevo
    Answer ✓
    1. It looks like the Show Linkable Version does not save this setting (enlarge by clicking opposing arrows)

    2. I don't know of a keyboard shortcut. The only thing I can think of is F11 which maximizes the browser viewport. Viewport is the visible portion inside the browser.
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    sorry to be ate to the party. as far as i know the full scree can indeed not be saved or defaulted to full screen. putting browser in full screen is best option. I do that all the time. I will add this to my list of nice to haves and try to bring it up when there is any coding time. No guarantees and no time estimates :)


  • Thanks Kevo for trying the "show linkable version". I also had tried this. Thanks also for the reminder to use F11 for a bit more viewable area.
  • Thanks Julius.
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