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Trying to create a scan for the RSI crossing up thru its RSI 9 day sma

I'm trying to create a scan for a bullish signal when the RSI crosses up thru its RSI 9 day sma. Here is what I've come up with but I get an error message.

[favorites list is 55] // ALL EXCHANGES 75 DAY POSITIVE DIVERGENCE FEB 18 - 2015-02-18

and [today's daily RSI(14) > today's daily RSI(14) sma(9)]
and [yesterday's daily RSI(14) < yesterday's daily RSI(14) sma(9)]

The error message that I get is:

Your scan syntax is incorrect. Could not parse "14) SMA(9" located in the clause "TODAY'S DAILY RSI(14) > TODAY'S DAILY RSI(14) SMA(9)" (an integer was expected)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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