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How do I move a chart ahead one day at a time so I can study its technical signals?

I want to pull up a chart and then "go back in time" to a point just before a big price move occurs and then carefully study how several different indicators change as I go forward in time one day at a time. Can I do that with

- Chip

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    chipachipa admin
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    Absolutely! StockCharts recently released a new feature for SharpCharts that makes doing that really easy. It is called the "Ranger" control. Chip wrote a blog article about it here:

    Basically, set the "Range" dropdown to "Select Start/End" and then click and drag on the slider control that appears. When you release your mouse button, the chart will redraw using the start and end dates from the slider. Once you have the slider positioned just before your big price move, you can then press the Left Arrow key on your keyboard to move forward one day at a time.


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