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How to find a lost chart?

Hi Folks,
I created a chart $CADUSD, and I thought I saved it under the proper Chartlist, which I just labeled "Currencies". Sadly, it ain't there, drat it. Where the heck did I save it? I've got dozens of Chartlists and hundreds of charts. How can I easily find this particular chart which I just saved? Is there some "global search" function on Stockcharts that I'm unaware of? (if not, there oughta be!). Thanks!

Best Answer

  • gordgord admin
    edited February 2015 Answer ✓
    Yep there is, just go to the main page and enter that symbol in the search box. The search page will then appear under the "Symbol Mentions" section.

    Just scroll down on that page and you will find a section called "Your Saved Charts of $CADUSD" , that will give you a list of all your chartlists which contain that symbol.

    edit: I also moved your question over to the " Saved Charts and Chartlists" section.
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