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Scanning & creating a chartlist of an Index

How do I scan and create a list of all stocks within a particular index. For example, I'm working with the TSX. How would I scan for and create a list of all stocks in the $SPTCS (Consumer Staples Index).

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  • gordgord admin
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    As Markd stated his method will get you in the ballpark. IE it will give you a list of all stocks which happened to be tagged as being in the "Consumer Staples" sector. However specific index's usually don't include all stocks that might be in that sector, they are usually limited to only the big long time players.

    If you need a list of the exact components of a particular index its best to just track them down. Here's a link to the 10 components of the TSX $SPTCS (Consumer Staples Index). Just put them in your own list and you are set to go.^TTCS

    This one is a little interesting as the following scan will bring up 35 stocks and includes all of the components of the $SPTCS except one, Jean Coutu Group (PJC) Inc. "PJC/A.TO".

    [type = stock]
    and [group is CaConsumerStaples]

    The reason is that PJC is a health care pharmaceutical company and thus is listed in the "Health care" sector, Not sure why the index managers would include it in a Consumer Staples Index which is all food and food services.

    Anyway here's the documentation if you want to dig into it further.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2015
    I'm not sure if this will do it exactly, but try this:

    On the advanced scan page, find the drop down "Sectors and Indices" and select the radio button for "Canada"

    Then open the drop down and select "Consumer Staples".

    You would have to confirm that the index uses the same constituents as Stockcharts, but they should be pretty close.

  • So in essence, using the dropdown and scanning for [group is CaConsumerStaples] lets say, should give me ALL of the stocks CLASSIFIED in that sector without limiting it to only those stocks that are in the INDEX of that sector. If thats the case, then that make sense.

    And if thats the case, then my next question would be, is there a way to create you own "index" from a group of stocks/chartlist?
  • @ahutch25 , yes you've got it right.

    As for creating your own index, that's much more complicated and would have to be done in an Excel spreadsheet and then uploaded as a custom data-set in order to be plotted.

    The problem is the composition and weighting of each component in the index, as all the stocks have different prices. Now for the published index data that StockCharts purchases the index owners do all that themselves and just provide the final data.

    Here's an article from S&P on their index Mathematics Methodology
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