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Sector Summary for Canadian Stocks

I was looking at the Sector Summary link at and for my purposes, there are two main weaknesses. One is that it doesn't cover the Canadian Market and Two, these drill down lists don't give you the ability to use the RRG charts.

I'm therefore wondering if it is possible to create my own Sector Summary list by creating ChartList out of a group of other Chartists. For example, if I were to create series of Chartists, say, List1, List2, List3 and List4, is there a way to create a master list consisting of List1, List2, List3 and List4 so that when I open that Master List there are four lines:

Master List:

And then when I click on each, it will then open that list with the individual stocks under that list.

Or is there another way to do this that I'm not considering, bearing in my that my gaol is to be able to run the RRG chart on each List as I drill down to the final individual stock list.

Hope all of this makes sense.


  • I don't believe you can put lists within lists.

    Although it is time consuming to do so, you can set up your lists this way (which is what I have done for the US):

    Market sectors: the nine (or ten) SPDRS or indexes for Energy, Materials, Industrials, etc.

    Industry indices: for each Sector a list of the industry indexes in that sector

    Equities: for each industry index, a list of the equities in that industry

    The RRG tells you which is the strongest sector, so go to the RRG for that sector's industry indices to get the strongest industry, then the RRG for the equities in that industry.

    The equity lists include only stocks I'd consider trading, not the index membership - so they are based on a scan for each industry from the Sector and Industry drop down with market cap and volume filters. That makes it pretty easy to build the list and refresh it when it becomes interesting. You don't have to build all of them at once, just add them as they show up on the RRG.

    You are probably already aware, but you can order your lists with a naming convention e.g. number groupings like 00 00 for the Sector list, 01 00 for Energy indexes, 01 01 for Oil and Gas Exploration, 02 00 for Materials indexes, etc.

    Look at Gatis Rose's blogs for some more creative naming schemes.
  • Thanks markd. Thats exactly what I was thinking I would have to do.
    Thanks again
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