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David O England annotate chart function and CMF indicator?

Recently watched the video with David England and noticed a couple of things I'd like to use.

1. How do I change the CMF indicator to display in bars as opposed to the mountain chart?

2. What do I need to use to get the low and high spread % when annotating? He was using some short blue lines to capture the % change in price...not sure if he was in annotate mode or live charting mode.

I did find that in live charting, I can change the indicator to *computed...but haven't found a way to get this feature when annotating.

Thanks for any insight.


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  • gordgord admin
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    The CMF indicator as bars rather than mountain is a function of the Color Scheme, just change it to Sunset which David was using. Not sure if any other Schemes also display this way.

    To see the spread on a chart just turn on the inspector.

    To see and plot the spread when annotating use the percent tool.

    Not sure what you mean on this one,

    "I can change the indicator to *computed...but haven't found a way to get this feature when annotating."


  • Thank you gord! Ha, I was right clicking on the chart while in the Inspect mode and getting into the Inspect Element. There are all kinds of codes in that section...I was referring to the computed selection.
    You've answered my questions perfectly. I was able to get into the annotate chart and use the % function! Awesome.
    Thank you!

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