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Historical Data


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    Welcome to the forum, @barrybeeandgee

    Note I have moved your question over to this section on data as it relates to historical data and other users may also find the answer in the future more easily.

    As a free member you would not have access to historical data.

    As a Basic and up member you have access to about 15 years of OHLCV data, I believe it is even longer for the PRO level subscription. There is a link button under the chart "Past Data" which will bring up a table. Depending on the chart you're looking at it could be raw data or data adjusted for divs etc.

    Adjusted charts are standard but if you want unadjusted raw price data just add an underscore in front of the symbol.

    One final note, StockCharts is not a data feed service, the data provided is basically for chart verification. If you want an automated system which dumps the stock universe into some computer program there are other suppliers who can provide that, but are much more expensive.


  • In reference to historical data, I am tying to obtain the SCTR for a stock for a date 10 days ago but the result using the calendar function brings me to the current date when the scan is done.Do I have to include date off set 10?, and if so what is the correct syntax for this. thank you
  • There are a couple ways to get a SCTR value for a particular date.

    Add the "SCTR Line" indicator to your chart style. If you don't need the exact value, you can use the "Inspect" tool to get an approximate reading for the date in question.

    If you need the exact SCTR value, use the "Start/end" feature under the "Range" drop down in the "Chart Attributes" box and specify the end date. The SCTR Line indicator will display the value for the last date on the chart. If you don't see it, make sure "Legends" is set to "Default" or "Verbose".
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