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Create http:// link to additional Info for Chart

I perform my stock analysis and have a personal site I use for all of my analysis..... I would like to know if there is a way to actually add a clickable link, or a per chart basis, that can be clicked on to take me to my analysis for my stocks.

I am aware there is a comment section and I currently create the link by pasting the link into the comment area but I cannot click on it I cut and paste it into the http address of the browser.....

Just curious!


  • KevoKevo
    edited March 2015
    I am trying to figure out what you are saying. Here is an idea I think might help: have you tried putting your charts on your personal site, and then have a clickable link on your chart that takes you to your stockcharts account?

    I realize that http links do not save in the chart comments section.
  • The comments section can handle a lot of information. Have you considered further utilizing it?
  • Yes to both......but I sort and use the stock chart lists daily and wanted to use it as my primary control and based on my sorted list view the details of my research by using an http link...

    I use the technicals and patterns of the chart as my primary then based on what is going on technically I cut and paste the link to the browser....

    I would use the comments section but the detail for each chart would make the list large to scroll thru.. plus I have additional links on my personal site for each chart.....

    I will just stick to cutting and pasting the link from the comments section to the browser http..
  • jfisher, yes I've tried the same thing myself, both in the list comment section and the chart comment section, same results as you.

    You could write to Support at StockCharts and ask them if it's possible. But I'm guessing if they let people start adding HTML language in a text section it could cause all kinds of unforeseen issues.
  • jfisherjfisher
    edited March 2015
    Well if they could just add a form element kinda like the comment area and allow just an http link element or a few then it could be accomplished without coding html but if they allow free form then it could create or increase support calls.

    Or they could use the same comment component as they use to leave a comment which allows a link to be added..... Actually if the chart comment used the same component that is used for Leave a Comment as used here then that would be awesome!

    Being a developer I like to have more control but will take anything I could get!

    But its no big deal.....
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