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what is the best way to view 500 charts in shortest time period every day

currently, I click on Members->YourSavedScans and click on RunScan
Then, in Results I click on AvailableActions->ReplaceExisting(..)
The I click back on browser and run a different scan.
In the end, I go to saved chart lists and open each of them.
But I have 70 custom scans and above steps are taking up my good time (and smooth thinking)
there got to be an easier way, where I will be able to smoothly navigate to all my 70 chartlists without so many clicks. Any thoughts?


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    We have all had similar experiences especially in the early going. It takes time to improve processes and learn new things. The first step is to realize that the process/method/design you have in place is no longer working, or needs updating. I see you realize this. This is going to be an on-going process. If you continue learning new things, keep at it, but be careful. A year or two from now, you would be amazed at how different you do things.

    Are you running all 70 scans everyday? The first recommendation I have is to focus on 1 or 2 scans that you understand well and you know works for you. It is not necessary to run the 1-2, or all of the scans everyday. You could monitor the results for several days without re-running a scan.

    The best way to look at a lot of charts quickly is via the CandleGlance view. It is necessary to merge/replace/update your scan results in a ChartList before using CandleGlance.

    The top 5 scans that you like can be copied into Technical Alerts. 500 charts from one or more scans is too many results to be useful. Hope this helps!
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    Well, if your results or your research show you these scans are producing a lot of profitable set ups, maybe it would pay to hire someone to make the lists for you so you have more time to review them.

    If the results are not paying for the effort, maybe, as Kevo suggests, you need to spend some time to determine which are the most appropriate for the current market and concentrate on those. How many depends on how much time you want to budget for analysis. Then as the market changes, and results for the current scans diminish, change to more productive scans.

    If they are working big time, then you should be raising capital and hiring traders to trade them for you.

    It does sound a little like "analysis paralysis". All that time spent running scans is time away from actually making decisions, which is even harder. There's also a desire to not miss the best possible trade each day. As they say, "ain't gonna happen". Terrific trades pop up everywhere in every way (watch the best performers (most % up) each day on the home page to see this). Most of them are going to get by you, as happens to everyone. But if you have a few proven set ups, eventually you will hit your share of home runs.
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    Good feedback. Thanks for your suggestions. I have to look into my analysis/paralysis!!
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    You may want to review these scan scripts, and ask yourself if you are really going to trade these setups as you scripted. Maybe there are some you are only backtesting and don't need to use them everyday. Maybe you can combine the scan codes to narrow down your candidates further. Maybe there are scripts that you don't even understand what they are supposed to do.

    I would also recommend instead of putting them onto separate lists, you merged them into one list (or a selected few). Get rid of the duplicates, and find your candidates from that one/few lists.
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