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s.c.a.n. Website Outage

I first noticed the outage at midnight EDT last night. It happened again approx. 9:00 pm EDT. Today's outage lasted approx. less than an hour.


  • KevoKevo
    edited March 2015
    As soon as I hit Post Discussion, it went out again... No chance to even log out. :#
  • Yes I also noticed the outage. This forum is hosted by a third party, "Vanilla forums". When I checked their website the following explanation was posted.
    3:45 am UTC resolved
    This was traced back to network connectivity issues with a single VM, causing packet loss to backend storage. These issues have been resolved and normal operation is expected.
    2:46 am UTC info
    One of our clusters is experiencing degraded performance as a result of a bad disk, we are troubleshooting.
  • CushCush
    edited March 2015
    This morning, Monday March 23rd. I am getting an error message when I set the refresh to 15 seconds on a chart. I have reported this to StockCharts Support. I am thinking this might be somehow a related issue even though these forums are hosted by a third party.
  • Whatever the issue was with "refresh" appears to have been resolved. Working correctly, for me, now!
  • Yes working again for me also. I also sent in a report this morning with the full error coding. Maybe a server just had to be re-booted.

    As far as the two issues being related, I don't think so, different platforms on different servers at different locations.
  • s.c.a.n. down 7:30 PM EDT 08-05-2015; 10:00 PM now.
  • gordgord admin
    edited August 2015
    Yes there is no guarantee that this site is up 100% of the time. Might have something to do with the sudden increase in spammers trying to join this site in the last few days. Working for me now.
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